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Landscape 2013 Photo Competition Highly Commended Entries

The standard for our 2013 landscape photography competition was exceptionally high and so, in addition to the two winning entries, the judges have selected three entries that deserved special commendation. Click on each of the photographs to see an enlarged image.

The winner and runner-up can be seen in our winning images gallery.

_________________HIGHLY COMMENDED_________________


Overflowing waves, USA

by Adam Jewell


The judges thought that although the subject was familiar and often photographed, this particular version 'used the graphics well' and 'had a lot of impact', ensuring that it was 'visually exciting' and had a 'real vibrancy to it.' They commented on the strong contrast between the orange and blue and marvelled that, 'if you hadn't been there you'd wonder if the place really existed.'

The sun has just risen..., Indonesia

by Alland Dharmawan


The judges felt as if, 'you're witnessing a special little moment, an intimate one against a stark landscape made sinuous by the lighting.' They remarked that the human element made the landscape engaging whilst, 'the light, especially the way it backlights the smoke and highlights the horses, is great' noting that it added a 'romance of sorts' to the picture.

The lighthouse, Faroe Islands

by Hans J Hansen

Faroe Islands

The judges were impressed by the mood and lighting of the picture, with the contrast of green and atmospheric grey-blue also commented upon.