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Show and sell your photos

Once you've captured that perfect picture, you'll want to share it with people. There's a number of ways of doing this and, if the picture is strong enough, then there may be an even wider audience for it...

Showing your images

How to show your photographs

Perhaps the most exciting current developments in photography are based around how you can turn your digital images into something more tangible.

With the advent of high quality inkjet photo printers it is possible to print your images at home and achieve results which are often equal to or better than the prints you will get from a high street photo lab. Be aware though that without colour calibrating your computer monitor at the very least and preferably your printer too - the tools for which can be quite expensive - then it will be very difficult to get your prints looking exactly like they do on your computer screen.

It is easy enough though to upload your images to a photo gallery website or social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace. A quick online search will reveal a plethora of options for giving the world access to your images.

A new and memorable way to remember your travels is to make a photo book. The new internet based print-on-demand services, such as PhotoBox and Bob's Books, allow you to easily upload your images, design your own professional looking book layout and order as many or as few copies as you desire - at a reasonable price.

Selling your images

Photo contact sheet

Once you have become proficient at shooting strong images, you may want to explore ways of selling them to magazines, newspapers or book publishers. Avenues for selling images have opened up significantly over the past few years.

Online stock photography websites, such as Alamy, have sprung up and allow images to be uploaded online. All stock agencies take a cut of the fees they receive and these range from 35 per cent to 65 per cent or more in some cases.

Approaching editors directly is possible though it can be time consuming and littered with rejections. The crucial factor is to make sure your images exactly suit the nature of the magazine or newspaper.

Useful further sources of information on selling images include The Freelance Photographers Handbook and the National Union of Journalists website.


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