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  • Grand Prize: Journey on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express
  • Runner Up Prize: A trip to Norway to witness the Northern Lights
  • Category Winners: Olympus E-PL5 camera
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Dolphin by Tim Pennell

Wind Beneath The Wings by Sarah Jackson

City Squirrel Searching For Forest by Carmen Wong

Pray by Carmen Wong

Determined by Carmen Wong

Feeding Young by Chong Keat Kim

Malayan Giant Squarrel by Chong Keat Kim

Gibbons by Chong Keat Kim

Gibbon by Chong Keat Kim

Magic Colors. by Laura Vega

Wild White Garza In Cartagena Colombia. by Laura Vega

Ready To Jump... by Gustavo Orozco

Una Avispa Roja Que Pasa De Una Rama A Otra. by Gustavo Orozco

Una Serpiente En Su Entorno Natural, Cuya Profunda Mirada Siempre Intimida... by Gustavo Orozco

Iguana by Sairukmani Venkatakrishnan

Seagull Chick by Sairukmani Venkatakrishnan

Birds At Sunset by Sairukmani Venkatakrishnan

Monkey Childhood by Radu Popescu

Ocean Blues by Radu Popescu

Children Of The Blue (3) by Marek Majerczak

Children Of The Blue (2) by Marek Majerczak

Children Of The Blue (1) by Marek Majerczak

Leopard Namibia by Rachel Dunsdon

Caterpillar by Rachel Dunsdon

Suckling Baby Monkey by Rachel Dunsdon

Lion Kill by Karen Jane Chapman

Wilderbeast River Crossing by Karen Jane Chapman

On The Pins by Mustafa Tarik Canbay

Love Time by Mustafa Tarik Canbay

Bee Birds by Mustafa Tarik Canbay

One Eyed Leopard Stalking Wildebeest by Joseph Anthony

Cheetah On The Hunt by Karen Jane Chapman

Super Macro Porcupine Fish Reflecting Eyeball by Joseph Anthony

One Eyed Leopard Stalking Wildebeest by Joseph Anthony

King At Zenith. by Deepansh Mishra

River Crossing by Deepansh Mishra

In Search.. by Deepansh Mishra

Concentration by Danil Konovalov

Fighter by Danil Konovalov

Duck Tales by Danil Konovalov

At Full Gallop by Richard Wozniak

Cheetah Lookout by Richard Wozniak

Passing Glance by Richard Wozniak

The River Shacha by Elena Gluhovchenko

Free by Antonio Rojas Jr.

2 Becomes 1 by Antonio Rojas Jr.

Safe Refuge by Violetta Nowak

Resting Place by Antonio Rojas Jr.

Autumn Dreams by Violetta Nowak

And Who Is More by Violetta Nowak

Best Friends by Asad Siraj

Lizard King by Asad Siraj

Dreambig by Asad Siraj

Hot Sand by William Richardson

Day At The Beach by William Richardson

Beach Life by William Richardson

One Horned Indian Rhino Enjoying The Freedom Of Tall Grass And The Sun At Kaziranga Assam India by Ajay Chandwani

Indian Baya Weaver Exulting After Weaving The Nest That Will Last Them Through The Season At Pune India by Ajay Chandwani

Assam Roofed Turtles Arguing About Right Of Way In Path In Kaziranga Sanctuary India.jpg by Ajay Chandwani

Leopard In A Tree, Masai Mara by Nicole Andersen

Lonely by Sai Ho Lee

Mother Love by Sai Ho Lee

Good Friend by Sai Ho Lee

Scops Owl by Steve Mundy

Hanging Around by Steve Mundy

Dawn Patrol by Steve Mundy

Stray Dog - 2 by Joe Wood

Stray Dog - 1 by Joe Wood

Monkey Watches Boys Fighting With Kites by Joe Wood

Plains Zebra (equus Burchelli) by Maria Alho

Spotted Hyena (crocuta Crocuta) by Maria Alho

Side - Striped Chameleon (trioceros Bitaeniatus) by Maria Alho

Teacher And Pupil by Carol Hughes

Midnight Bear by Carol Hughes

Moving Home by Carol Hughes

Halcon And Prey by Mario Gustavo Fiorucci

Sunset Wolf by Beverley Jay

Hyena Scavenging Breakfast by Beverley Jay

Evening Beach Walk by Beverley Jay

In Flight by Anton Voronin

by Rajat Toshniwal

Finding A Way - Out by Rajat Toshniwal

Motherhood by Elsa Konig

Hang On by Elsa Konig

Double Monkey Stare by Elsa Konig

Simetry by Nuno Virgilio

Smells Funny Here by Nuno Virgilio

Rosette Spoonbill At Homosassa Springs by George Brigham

Bobcat At Homosassa Springs by George Brigham

Pelicans In The Lunch Queue At Johns Pass by George Brigham

Sunbathing: The Very Rare Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal (monachus Schauinslandi) by Valer Horvai

Bio Darts: Large Bee Fly (bombylius Major) by Valer Horvai

Bathing: Striped Bush Cricket (leptophyes Albovittata) by Valer Horvai

Squirrel At Full Speed by Ivan Galic

Dalmatian Wall Lizard by Ivan Galic

Bee On Lavender by Ivan Galic

Two Giraffe by Sandip Niroula

The Senior Adjutat by Sandip Niroula

Crazy Smile by Sandip Niroula

Butterfly by Shirsendu Sengupta

Small Tortoise by Shirsendu Sengupta

Squirrel by Shirsendu Sengupta

Two Tigers by Krishnendu Porel

Two Birds by Krishnendu Porel

Splash by Krishnendu Porel

Baby Feeding by Joanna Pickles

Mother And Baby by Joanna Pickles

Elepehants Amboseli by Jacqi Elmslie

Female Cheetah by Jacqi Elmslie

Spotted Deer by Jacqi Elmslie

Flamingo by Ricky Butler

Wolf by Ricky Butler

Wolf by Ricky Butler

Life Together by Guru Nadimipalli

Hey, Whats Happening? by Guru Nadimipalli

A Lonely Wait by Guru Nadimipalli

Giraffes Feeding by Julie Cullen

Wheres My Mum? by Julie Cullen

Weaver Bird by Julie Cullen

Grasshopper by Abiram Deepak Kannan

Niligiri Langur by Abiram Deepak Kannan

Barn Owl by Abiram Deepak Kannan

A Horse With No Name by Nenad Martić

Winter Drift by Nenad Martić

In The Warmth Of The Nest by Nenad Martić

Dragonfly 2 by Eleftheria Tsichli

Butterfly by Eleftheria Tsichli

Trek Of The Geese by Gwendolyn Hendrix

Wild Leopard In The Serengeti by Nicole Andersen

Wild Monkeys At Uluwatu Temple by Nicole Andersen

A Couples Outing ! by James Harley

Camping ! - House On The Move by James Harley

Eye Spy With My Little Eye. by James Harley

Osprey Eating His Lunch by Cesar Campos

Wild Ponies Of Assateague Island, Maryland by Cesar Campos

Portrait Of A Tree Frog by Cesar Campos

Spider Spotted. by Patrick Machowski

Deer by Steve Collins

Quail by Steve Collins

Calf by Steve Collins

In Trap Of Death by Satpal Singh

Flamingo Eye by Stephen Collins

Balinese Monkey by Thomas Morris

Powerful Peacock Display by Thomas Morris

Hummingbird In Full Colour by Thomas Morris

Polar Bears North Of Svalbard by Judith Craig

Polar Bear Eating Seaweed, Phippsoya, Svalbard by Judith Craig

Bearded Seal, Svalbard by Judith Craig

Baby Monkey by Eleanor MARRIOTT

Thirsty Monkey by Eleanor MARRIOTT

Black Footed Boobie Dives by David Bowman

African Buffalo Approaching: The Moment Of Realization by David Bowman

Spying On An Approaching Hyena. by David Bowman

The Beauty Of The Lynx by Lucille Rennie

A Lynx In Summer by Lucille Rennie

Supper For Two by Jenny Bailey

Sweet Dreams by Jenny Bailey

Sally Lightfoot Crab Moulting Its Shell by Jenny Bailey

Dragonfly, Monbazillac by Hannah Bridge

Cuttlefish, Kololi by Hannah Bridge

Wolf by Alan Clamp

Frog March by Alan Clamp

The Freedom Wings Resting Over Waters! by Marcos José Da Silva

Looking For A Interesting Pair... by Marcos José Da Silva

They Are Defending The Territory Together! by Marcos José Da Silva

Bison by Zoltan Balogh

Hunter by Zoltan Balogh

Morning In Yellowstone by Zoltan Balogh

Falco Tinnunculus I I I by Gilberto Viana

Falco Tinnunculus I I by Gilberto Viana

Second Before Attack by David Mahovsky

Fight by David Mahovsky

Miscalculation by David Mahovsky

Together by Cristina Albertini

Loneliness by Cristina Albertini

Together by Cristina Albertini

Love Fight by Sapna Mallela

Jay Picking Corns From Corn Cob by René Pirker

American Eagle Taking A Bath by René Pirker

Wasps Building A Dolphin by Eicker De Klerk

A Kentish Plover (charadrius Alexandrinus) In The Middle Of The Sand by Manuel Novo

Grey Heron (ardea Cinerea) Flying Like An Arrow by Manuel Novo

The Zitting Cisticola (cisticola Juncidis) Is A Very Small Bird And Very Shy. by Manuel Novo

Duck Cooling Down by Donna Tzaneva

Beauties Of The Water by Donna Tzaneva

Spectacular Splash by Donna Tzaneva

Goats Life by Aisling Sargent

A Frosty Evening For Gulls by Aisling Sargent

American Tree Sparrow, Relaxing In The Snow by Pamela Beale

Gawkers. by Losha Bowman

I Know Staring Monkey Shots Are Dime A Dozen...totally Cliche. But This Is By Far The Coolest. by Losha Bowman

This Woodland Kingfisher Is Really Blue. No Kidding. by Losha Bowman

On The Edge. by Kobi Amiel

Perfect Hunter by Eric Cardoso

Synchronization by Eric Cardoso

The End Of A Long Day by Eric Cardoso

Birds Chapala Lake by Victor Casillas Romo

Birds Chapala Lake by Victor Casillas Romo

Birds Chapala Lake by Victor Casillas Romo

Pigeon Drinking From Water Fountain by Lynn Kaack

Failed Camouflage by Lynn Kaack

Just Hanging Out... by Lynn Kaack

Desert Elephant In Dry River by Anne - Lisa Pichler

Hungry Crocodile by Anne - Lisa Pichler

Anxious Rhino Mother by Anne - Lisa Pichler

Fluffy Feather by Anweshan Patra

Eye To Eye by Anweshan Patra

Following Shadow by Anweshan Patra

Moment Of Hope by Vincent Gesser

Peaceful And Hidden by Vincent Gesser

Elephant In The Mist Of Lake Kariba by Vincent Gesser

Frenzy by Josh Hogan

Gull by Josh Hogan

Into The Eyes by Sean Mcdonald

Red Fox by Sean Mcdonald

Pre Take Off Eagle by Sean Mcdonald

Squirrel Posing by Daniel Yoo

Bee Resting On A Flower by Daniel Yoo

Zen Frog by Kimberly Vogel

Roaming by Frances Davies

Gently Does It! by Frances Davies

On The Run - Common Wood Snail by Pamela Beale

Droplet - Butterfly (heliconius Hecale) by Pamela Beale

Family by Nataliya Sokolova

Monkeys From Temple by Nataliya Sokolova

Cape Buffalo (syncerus Caffer) by Joe Randle

Charge Elephant by Joe Randle

Moose Love by Wayne Johnson

Shoal Of Koi by Connie Yeung

A Group Of Macaques by Connie Yeung

Winter Visitor by Wilmar Chopyk

Panama Beach Patrol by Wilmar Chopyk

B&w Bear by Alessandro Olioso

The Tightrope by Alessandro Olioso

Mother Love by Alessandro Olioso

The Lion by Nayan Saxena

The Girrafes by Nayan Saxena

The Zebra by Nayan Saxena

Breakfast by Jayasish Chakrabarti

Tiger Leap by Porus Khareghat

Tiger Stalk by Porus Khareghat

Tiger Roar by Porus Khareghat

Flying Flamingos by Jayasish Chakrabarti

Hidden Lion by Fabien Ize

Elephants by Fabien Ize

Elephants Departing by Fabien Ize

Gotcha by Lalith Ekanayake

Landing by Lalith Ekanayake

Skinny Dip by Lalith Ekanayake

Swan Lake by Miki Mosman

Squirrel On Branch by Valeriy Andrushko

A Big One by Akshay Dinesh

Beauty Of Lines by Akshay Dinesh

King Of Deer by Akshay Dinesh

Grand Teton Pronghorn by James Tarry

I Call It Stadeer In The Wilds Of Kanha by Vivek verma

Joint Wood Spider In The Wilds Of Bandhavgarh by Vivek verma

Tiger Walking His Path In Kanha by Vivek verma

I Was Happy Anywhere I Could See The Ocean by Brankica Pacula

Hawk Profile by Alexandria Coss

Hawk by Alexandria Coss

Beautiful Outline by Lisa Burton

Fish Out Of Water by Lisa Burton

Together by Damian Walker

Take Off by Damian Walker

Swans In Love by Damian Walker

Awakening To Aloofness by Prasenjit Ghosh

Flamingos In The Laguna Colorada by Anika Sierk

Contrasts In The Salt by Anika Sierk

On The Move by Anika Sierk

by Sergio Galan - Sanchis

by Sergio Galan - Sanchis

by Sergio Galan - Sanchis

Di Guardia by Alessandra lenzi

Ghepardo by Alessandra lenzi

Coccodrillo by Alessandra lenzi

The Face by Dale Morris

On Duty!!!! by Dale Morris

The Mob Is Angry by Dale Morris

This Friendly Little Animal Is Called Tamanduaí, And Belongs To The Family Of Anteaters. Can Be Considered The Smallest Representative Of That Group. It Lives In Tropical Forests From Southern Mexico To Northern Brazil. This Photograph Was Taken In The Brazilian Amazon, In The Northern State Of Rondonia, While Tamanduaí Showed Their Defensive Position. by Pedro Henrique Freire Dias

Tiger - Striped Leaf Frog (phyllomedusa Tomopterna) Occurs In Several Countries In South America, Associated With Tropical Forests. Like Many Species Of Amphibians Are Threatened By Change And Habitat Loss, Arising From Deforestation, For Example. This Specimen Was Photographed In The Brazilian Amazon, In The Northern Region Of Rondonia State. by Pedro Henrique Freire Dias

Rhea (rhea Americana) Photographed In The Brazilian Cerrado, While Feeding. The Photograph Was Taken At Salto Do Céu, State Of Mato Grosso. by Pedro Henrique Freire Dias

Yellowstone Black Bear by Brian Swales

Coming Into Land by Brian Swales

Dragonfly, Little Scarlot by Brian Swales

Welcome To New Generation... by Chandra Man Dongol

We Are At Heaven........ by Chandra Man Dongol

Gift Of Nature..... by Chandra Man Dongol

Scavenger by Jennifer Smith

Peek - A - Boo by Jennifer Smith

Serene by Jennifer Smith

Fight by Berta Martirosyan

Landing by Miles Coleman

Coatis Chilling by Miles Coleman

Holiday Snaps by Miles Coleman

Lawin by Kathlene Ann Aspiras

Jellyfish by Kathlene Ann Aspiras

Pollination by Kathlene Ann Aspiras

What Is Going On Here? by Bethany Hamel

Tiny Treasure by Bethany Hamel

Hidden In Plain Sight by Bethany Hamel

Sally Lightfoot Crab by Anthony Litton

King Penguins As Far As The Eye Can See by Anthony Litton

Cheetah On A Termite Mound by Anthony Litton

Peacock by Christelle Pangilinan

Monkey Temple by Danielle Dulon

Ruaha Runners by Lauren Richardson

50 Shades Of Green by Lauren Richardson

Katavi Calm by Lauren Richardson

Bird Over Beach by Melisa Kaplan

Here We Come! by Rita Rebelo

Find Me! by Rita Rebelo

Ups!! by Rita Rebelo

Zebra, , Africa, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife by Marc - Grégor Campredon

Lion, Africa, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife by Marc - Grégor Campredon

Elephant, Africa, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife by Marc - Grégor Campredon

Pay Attention by Luisa Cerqueira

Life Among People by Luisa Cerqueira

Calm In Zoo by Luisa Cerqueira

Stand Up Straight, The Boss Is Coming by Tim Wilson

Beauty In North Korea by Tim Wilson

Three Baboons by Tim Wilson

Spread Your Wings by Amanda Cohen

Bear In Jasper National Park by Angela Jenkins

Wolf In Yellowstone National Park by Angela Jenkins

When Things So Small, Create The Most Breath Taking Image. by Elizabeth Horton

Three Gazelles by Patrycja Suchanska

Zebras by Patrycja Suchanska

A Lioness by Patrycja Suchanska

Carrion by Tony Fitzsimmons

The Long Road Home by Tony Fitzsimmons

Thirsty Three by Tony Fitzsimmons

Beauty Emerging by Maralyn Smith

Camino Sagrado by Luiza Hubener Caneschi

Monkey At The Tiger Temple Of Krabi. by Jordan Morrison

Sea Anemone by Jordan Morrison

The Marabou Stork Or The by Jordan Morrison

The Contented Seal by Arabella Packford

Beached Seal by Arabella Packford

Dragonfly by Emma Dean

Silverback by Emma Dean

Lilac Breasted Roller by Emma Dean

Little Creature Formed Of Joy And Mirth by Don Karlo Leonardo

Close Encounter With The Whale Shark by Don Karlo Leonardo

Close Encounter With The Whale Shark by Don Karlo Leonardo

Gorilla Smithsonian Zoo, Washington Dc by Nick Board

Elk Grand Canyon National Park by Nick Board

Cumberland Island National Seashore In Georgia Is One Of The Last Places In North America Where One Can Find Untamed Wild Horses Roaming Freely. by Kyra Willner

A Bird Struggles To Gasp For Its Last Breaths After Breaking Its Neck Diving For Food In The Shallow Water Of Cumberland Island National Seashore. by Kyra Willner

Yum by Marky Rigerman

Fly Away by Marky Rigerman

Bear Hug by Marky Rigerman

Fly Me To The Moon by Alexandros Dalkos

Pink by Alexandros Dalkos

Seagull by Alexandros Dalkos

Sleepy Bear(s) by Tim Van Zundert

Tired Polar Bear by Tim Van Zundert

Baby Hippo And Elder by Tim Van Zundert

Colors by Clarissa Azevedo

Waiting by Clarissa Azevedo

The Look by Clarissa Azevedo

Hyena Enjoying A Mudbath by Donald Mackenzie

Tree Goat by Donald Mackenzie

Camouflage by Sofia Pereira

Butterfly by Sofia Pereira

Dragonfly by Sofia Pereira

Wild In A Cage by Sarah Huntbach

Cheeky by Sarah Huntbach

Thought by Sarah Huntbach

Beautiful Butterfly by Samantha Ayres

Camouflage by César Torres

Natrix Maura by César Torres

Common Toad by César Torres

Serengeti - Mane by Fabien Ize

Serengeti - Reunited by Fabien Ize

Serengeti - The Herd by Fabien Ize

Lookout Spot by Michael Shrewsbury

Howler Scowler by Michael Shrewsbury

Capycontent by Michael Shrewsbury

Shark - Spotting, Moorea by Monica Fike

Stretching Cheetah by Nick Jackson

Mother And Baby by Nick Jackson

Tree Climbing Lion Of Uganda by Nick Jackson

Lonely Butterfly by Kamal Mohanani

Green Woodpecker Grubbing For Ants by Colin Trim

Stork At Dawn by Colin Trim

Camels by Lorraine Adams

Vultures Feeding On A Giraffe by Lorraine Adams

Baby Elephant At The Water Hole by Lorraine Adams

Stare Of A Mountain Gorilla by Rob Whittaker

Reed Frog With A View, Okavango Delta by Rob Whittaker

Fragile Feet, Rwanda Mountain Gorilla by Rob Whittaker

Two Of A Kind by Ruxandra Huh

Wild Canarian Duck by Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez

Monarch Butterfly by Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez

Canarian Lezard by Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez

Watching You by Keith Lewis

Sabie Leopard by Keith Lewis

Resting Leopard by Keith Lewis

Tarsius Spectrum by Julisn Luskin

Pit Viper by Julisn Luskin

Praying Mantis Eating Monarch Butterfly by Julisn Luskin

Take Off by Chinmoy Biswas

Collection For Making Nest by Chinmoy Biswas

On The Web by Chinmoy Biswas

Follow The Leader by Stephanie Noll

Who Are You? by Stephanie Noll

Buffalo Rise by Stephanie Noll

Bird Like by David Mason

Siblings by Dennis Kavanagh

Portrait Of A Lady by Dennis Kavanagh

Granduer by Dennis Kavanagh

Spider Plough by Peter Stanton

Leopard At Its Best by Anubhav Tiwari

Leopard At Its Best by Anubhav Tiwari

Leopard At Its Best by Anubhav Tiwari

I Am Watching You by Sharryn Lang

Well Hello There by Sharryn Lang

Bumblebee by Jaime Placencia

Butterfly Shadows by Jaime Placencia

Dragonfly by Jaime Placencia

South American River Otter (pteronura Brasiliensis) by Glendon Nawrang

Red Macaw(ara Macao) by Glendon Nawrang

Red Eared Slider(trachemys Scripta Elegans) by Glendon Nawrang

Perezoso Rescue by Paulo Campos

Green Basilisk (basiliscus Plumifrons) by Paulo Campos

Squirrel - Monkey by Paulo Campos

Swans A Swimming by Sue Bell

Goose by Sue Bell

Swan by Sue Bell

Big Soul by Monika Mukherjee

Mr Colourful by Monika Mukherjee

Snake by Monika Mukherjee

Baby Blue by Kris Britland

Honey Follower by Priya Joshi

Flying Hight by Priya Joshi

Just Some Logs by Michelle Harbinson

I Will Stay In The Middle by Michelle Harbinson

The King And His Subjects by Michelle Harbinson

A Rhino In The Chitwan Park Near The Border Between Nepal And India by Alberto Manuzzi

A Giant Spider In Nepal, Near Pokhara by Alberto Manuzzi

A Lizard Enjoying The Sunshine In Sardinia by Alberto Manuzzi

Greedy Gannets by Del Bolton

Moose Drinking by Del Bolton

Trio Of Lions by Del Bolton

Big Pussy Cat by Lisa Bolton

Show Us Your Teeth by Lisa Bolton

Lion by Lisa Bolton

Chamelion In The Canopy by Ian Lovell

Australian Harrier With Prey by Ian Lovell

Penguins On The Cape Peninsular by Ian Lovell

Brave by Claire Lee

Hidden In View by Claire Lee

Birds On Sand by Claire Lee

A Cricket Sun Bathing by Orlando Medina

A Little Snake In My Yard (alsophis Portoricensis) by Orlando Medina

A Hermit Crab In The Coast Of Cabo Rojo, P.r. by Orlando Medina

Hungry Eyes by Devon - Lee Compion

Survivor by Devon - Lee Compion

Secret by Devon - Lee Compion

Crown Jewel by Paula Eytcheson

I Come In Peace by Paula Eytcheson

Fishing At Dusk by Paula Eytcheson

Frog by Janet Southerton

Dragonfly by Janet Southerton

Elephant by Janet Southerton

Early Morning Hike by Rally Stanoeva

An Early Morning Hike by Rally Stanoeva

Butterfly Close Up by Susanne Radke

Toad Love by Susanne Radke

New Born Butterfly by Susanne Radke

The Frog Prince by Lessy Sebastian

Hanging Frog by Lessy Sebastian

Window Of Life by Lessy Sebastian

Lowing Low In African Lowveld by Charles Wyatt

Protecting The Kill by Charles Wyatt

Peacock by Angie Cunniff

The Bird Is The Word by Angie Cunniff

Bald Eagle by Angie Cunniff

Enduring A Beauty Session by Clare Rebecca Fenech

Succesful Evening Fishing by Gwennan Davies

Orchids In The Sacred Forest by Arun Krishnamurthy

Leopard Butterfly by Arun Krishnamurthy

Flamingoesque by Melissa Devries

All Her Glory by Melissa Devries

Your Majesty by Melissa Devries

Heron My Hero by Sonia Rollins

The Light by Sonia Rollins

Free Bird by Sonia Rollins

Slithering by Dharma Sadasivan

Piercing Pelican by Dharma Sadasivan

Red Dragon by Brandon Slocum

Feeding Hummingbird by Brandon Slocum

Regal Hummingbird by Brandon Slocum

Zebras On Road by Marcus Round

Zebra Stripes by Marcus Round

Elephant Calf by Marcus Round

Alaskan Meese by Daisy Wanless

Johnny by Jennifer Colpitts

Gremlin & Launa by Jennifer Colpitts

Elephant Feet by Jennifer Colpitts

Scales by Laura Ally

Color Of Pride by Laura Ally

Eye To Eye by Laura Ally

South Tyrol Crested Tit by Angie Hoggett

Cute Kangaroo Being Inquisitive Just Outside Sydney by Kirk Bevins

Cassowary Staring Me Out In Sydney by Kirk Bevins

Yellow Eyed Penguin On A Reserve In Otago by Romana Richards

Gannets Minding Their Personal Nesting Space In Nz by Romana Richards

Antarctic Tern In Paihia Nz by Romana Richards

On The Move by Laura Bowlt

Lining Up In The Masai Mara by Will Chamley

Taking Flight On Lake Naivasha by Will Chamley

Standing Tall In Samburu by Will Chamley

Zebras Crossing by Brian Watson

Leopard by Brian Watson

Lions In A Tree by Brian Watson

Family Of Buzzards by Stewart young

Buzzards by Stewart young

One Eyed Puffin by Stewart young

Lonely Pier, Strand Near Cape Town by Kim Stone

Colorful Eagle by Kathy Kafka

Perched On One Leg by Kathy Kafka

Grey Bird Wading by Kathy Kafka

Lizard At Vesuvio by Irma Podoreski

Iguana by Irma Podoreski

Monkey Family by Irma Podoreski

La Fantasia by Khalil Meqqori

Bumble Bee Admiring Its Own Shadow by Ester Van Dam

Hunting Wasp Carrying A Spider by Ester Van Dam

Bumble Bee Admiring Its Own Shadow by Ester Van Dam

Hunting Wasp Carrying A Spider by Ester Van Dam

Pinky by Lisa Odonovan

Swoop by Lisa Odonovan

Smaller Things In Wildlife by Lisa Odonovan

Bear by Shekhar Mukherjee

Falcon by Shekhar Mukherjee

Monkey by Shekhar Mukherjee

Birds by Madara Hemachandra

Elephant by Madara Hemachandra

Eagle Over Resurrection Bay 2013 by Mary Mcgrane

Denali Moose 2013 by Mary Mcgrane

Llamas, Machu Picchu by Georgina Tongue

Seagull Chilling On The Beach by Georgina Tongue

Sea Lions & Sea Birds by Georgina Tongue

Golden Eagle Attacks Fox by Lars Madsen

Skipper And Dew Drops by Lars Madsen

Common Crane Stretching It´s Wings by Lars Madsen

The Beauty Of Nature by Carol Duncan

This Feels So Good.......... by Carol Duncan

Bringing Home The Bacon by Carol Duncan

Beaty Beat by Manuela Bockstaele

Scary Yawn by Manuela Bockstaele

Monkey Lunch by Manuela Bockstaele

Lions Who Lunch by Louise Mccarthy

Baby Zebra by Louise Mccarthy

Cool Colobus by Louise Mccarthy

Twin Ringtailed Lemur Babies by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

Forest Gecko by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

Curious Sifaka by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

An Accidental Meeting by Gieun Song

Maternal Instinct by Gieun Song

Resting by Samina Farooq

The Itch by Samina Farooq

An Accidental Meeting by Gieun Song

Ready To Strike by Charlotte Constable

An Unexpected Guest by Charlotte Constable

Captive by Charlotte Constable

Propithecus Verreauxi Starring by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

Twin Babies Ringtailed Lemur by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

Forest Gecko by Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony

Holy Cow by Rachael Roberts

Gull Catches A Food In Harlingen by Chau Nguyen

A Peaceful Life by Chau Nguyen

Lady Beetles by Chau Nguyen

Motherlap Is Always Relaxing And Heaven. by Sudhir Singh

Struggle To Quench His Thirst For Water by Sudhir Singh

Animals Do Kiss by Sudhir Singh

Eternal Motherly Love, Manali by Hiren Matai

Smile Please Silver Pheasant, Shimla by Hiren Matai

Bees Enjoying Feeding Time by Laura Smith

Sverd I Fjell by Laura Smith

Sheep Relaxing by Laura Smith

Puffin Waits Out The Rain by Dustin Silvey

Mating Puffins Relax Near Their Burrow by Dustin Silvey

Puffin Runs Across The Atlantic Ocean In Order To Take Flight by Dustin Silvey

An Arctic Fox Tests His Summer Camouflage On Spitzbergen by Neil Punnett

Walrus Shielding His Eyes On Torrellneset, Svalbard by Neil Punnett

Polar Bear On An Ice Floe North Of Svalbard by Neil Punnett

Mega Herd On The Move by Pamela Macdonal

Temple Macaque by Pamela Macdonal

Early Morning Bath by Pamela Macdonal

Spiders Smile Too. by Dan Kelly

Plitvice Lakes by Dan Kelly

Chicken by Chau Nguyen

Bear In Mist by Kirsty Edwards

Grizzly Bears by Kirsty Edwards

Form An Orderly Queue... by Jonathan Friend - Thomas

And Its Hello From Me! by Jonathan Friend - Thomas

First Bath by Jonathan Friend - Thomas

Deer Delight by Lorraine Friend - Thomas

Grazing Deer by Lorraine Friend - Thomas

Monkeys At Dawn by Lorraine Friend - Thomas

Red - Footed Booby by Ruth D'Silva

Collared Lizard by Tolga Aksoy

Ladybird by Tolga Aksoy

Lizard Tracks by Tolga Aksoy

Cheetah by Marie Leander

Baby Giraffe by Sharon Kay

by Sharon Kay

Lion Cubs by Sharon Kay

Trying Hard by Alland Dharmawan

Water Is Very Important To All Creatures. Pictured Here, An Ant Is Drinking Dew. by Alland Dharmawan

Hello, Mr. Spider! by Alland Dharmawan