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Wildlife 2012 Photo Competition Highly Commended

The standard for our 2012 wildlife photography competition was exceptionally high and so, in addition to the two winning entries, the judges have selected three entries that deserved special commendation. Click on each of the photographs to see an enlarged image.

The winner and runner-up can be seen in our winning images gallery.

                                  HIGHLY COMMENDED                                  

The fish that got away, Alaska

by Rick Collins

The fish that got away

The judges commented that, 'the photographer has captured the decisive moment very nicely. they've recognised what's happening, which can be a difficult skill.' They also appreciated the texture and movement in the image, saying, 'This is a dynamic image, with a touch of humour too...there's so much happening visually.'

Feeding time, Malaysia

by Choo Kia Ng

Feeding time

The judges recognised how hard it is to take this type of picture, noting that it's 'very difficult to get right'. Nonetheless they applauded the picture for the magnificent colours and for capturing the palpable hunger of the chicks, summarising the shot as, 'beautiful, gorgeous.'

Kung fu mantis, Malaysia

by Kim Chong Keat

Kung fu mantis

The judges were initially drawn to this image by the extraordinary, intriguing insect featured in it. They commented that it was a, 'very different image and a unique observation.' Although the subject is centred, they felt that, 'the richness of detail and the background - going from dark and flat to lighter and textured - more than makes up for it.' 'Sharp, clear and crisp...it's a great picture.'