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Serengeti - Mane, Tanzania by Fabien Ize

Photo number one - The Herd - and two - Reunited - were taken during a Safari in Serengeti. As we were waiting and hoping for sight of a leopard, a herd of elephants slowly came to us from the distance. They were somewhere between ten and twenty individuals walking straight towards our isolated car. The group split in two and surrounded the car in complete silence but the noise of their giant steps in the grass. Our group didn't say a word and only the cameras could be heard. When the herd reunited on the other side of the car, two of the largest individuals touched each other (photo number 2). The rest of the herd gathered behind them and the view of their back in my camera struck me: it felt like we were part of them (photo number 1). I particularly like this shot since I find it difficult to take original pictures in a safari and this one is rather unusual. I also like the emotion in it: elephants are keeping their head down under a hot blue sky and moving forward in silence on a seemingly infinite path. It feels to me as if they were carrying the burden of their destiny, another suffering specie in the animal kingdom.

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