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Hummingbird In Full Colour, Costa Rica by Thomas Morris

Hi, First a little about me. I have just completed an incredible life changing backpacking adventure across South America and South East Asia where i experienced some stunning landscapes and rare wildlife. I have a number of images which i would like to enter but these three stood out for me. I am fairly new to photography but feel i am learning and improving all the time. Travel photography is my passion and I intend to produce more images in the future which will provide readers with a sense of a country's true identity. A little about the images - After trekking solo through the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica I captured a still pose of this extremely beautiful Hummingbird despite its lightening speed and movement. The powerful display of a Peacock in Colombia was truly magnificent , such vibrant and warm colours shown through such a beautiful moment. My last photo shot in black and white was particularly special to me as i felt the young monkey staring back at me straight back through the lens which such confidence and presence. I hope everyone appreciates the photos i have submitted. Kind Regards

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